Recovering Data

There are various reasons why you may accidentally lose your work. The editor might crash, a power outage may happen, or simply clicking the wrong button may result in corruption of the effect you've been working on for hours. For these reasons, the Effekseer editor uses auto saves to increase the likelihood of successful recovery of lost projects.

Auto saves are performed at a fixed interval over time, as well as every time you close the editor. Auto saves are enabled by default, and you can't disable auto save on editor exit.

Recovering Auto Saves

Last Session

Menu: File > Recover > Last Session

Opens the efk_quit.efkbac file which is saved in Temporary directory when the editor is closed under normal operation. This option allows to recover project which was lost when you accidentally closed the editor and didn't save changes. If such a file is not found an error will be shown.

Auto Save

Menu: File > Recover > Auto Save...

Allows you to choose an auto saved file from Temporary directory. Auto saved files will have efk_autosave prefix and efkbac extension. These files are saved automatically with interval configured in options menu (2 minutes by default). If auto save interval is set to 0 auto saves wont be performed.