This is a tool for designers to create particle effects.

Download (Win,64bit,1.61c)

Download (Win,32bit,1.61c)

Download (Mac,1.61c)

Download (Win,64bit,1.53e)

For Linux

In Effekseer 1.61d, only EffekseerForUnity has been updated.

It needs to use 1.5 for VirtualCast

To play the 1.6 effects in RPG Maker MZ, you need to install a plug-in.

Effekseer for Runtime

This is a runtime to show effects in your DirectX or OpenGL applications.

Download (1.61c)

Effekseer For Unity

This is a plugin to show effects in your Unity applications.

Download (1.61d)

Effekseer for UnrealEngine4

Download (1.61c, UE4 4.23-4.27)

Effekseer for GodotEngine3

Download (1.60Beta3)

Effekseer For RPGMakerMZ


Effekseer for WebGL


Effekseer for DXLibrary

This is a library to show effects in your DXLibrary applications.

Download (1.61c,3.22c)

Effekseer for Cocos2d-x

Download (1.61c)

Effekseer for (ThirdParty)



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