How do I pronounce Effekseer?

It is "Effec"+"seer".

Editing Tool

My changes to parameters are not getting applied.

If you change a parameter's value, please press enter afterwards, or move the focus to a different field. The change will be applied by doing so.

My rotation settings are not applied to the sprite.

If the drawing method is "Sprite", rotation will be ignored when the render configuration is set to "Billboard" (since Billboard locks the sprite's rotation to make it always face the camera). To apply rotation to a sprite render, please choose any of the other render configuration options.

How do I record?

When you select "Window -> Recording" from the editing tool, the recording screen will be displayed. By pressing Record on the recording screen, the recording result is output. If you select "Window -> Viewpoint Operation", the viewpoint operation screen will be displayed. On the viewpoint operation screen, you can manipulate the viewpoint numerically.

Embedding Effects

How can I use it with other applications?

Please download plugins and libraries for other applications from the official site. By using them you will be able to play effects in other applications.

How do you format it for playback at runtime?

Select "File -> Output -> Effekseer Game Output Format" from the editing tool and output it.


I want the function of ....

We will consider as much as possible. The earliest thing is to become a committer or to modify this tool as a separate project by yourself.