Release notes

1.52l or later

1.52k (2020/08/16)

  • Upgrade to Effekseer 1.52k

  • Fixed a bug where effects would not play when switching emitters after playing an emitter in the Scene window.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented material compilation if the material contains a reserved word

  • Supports material wrapping and repeats

1.52j (2020/08/02)

  • Upgrade to Effekseer 1.52j

Fixed a bug that caused crashes on x86.

  • Improved behavior of URP and HDRP

Fixed a bug that caused URP to continuously display errors.

Distortion behavior is fixed.

1.52i (2020/07/30)

  • Upgrade to Effekseer 1.52i

1.52h (2020/07/09)

  • Upgrade to Effekseer 1.52h

  • Fixed a bug that Opacity Shader is not drawn correctly

  • Unity shader is disabled in OpenGL with some devices

  • Removed Zlib

1.52g (2020/06/09)

  • Upgrade to Effekseer 1.52g

  • Added the setting of update timing to EmitterComponent.

  • Added the display of the number of instances to EmitterComponent.

  • Fixed a bug where the Scale setting of EmitterComponent may not be applied

  • Fixed a bug where EmitterComponent settings were not displayed in the scene view ( After 2019.3)

  • Support HDRP 7.4.1

1.52f (2020/05/15)

  • Fixed a bug where it cannot load an efkproj file which is saved with Effekseer 1.51 or later

1.52b (2020/05/02)

  • Fixed a bug where particles are not shown with Line of SpawnMethod

1.52a (2020/04/28)

  • Upgarade to 1.52a

  • Fixed a bug that a behavior of rotated billboard is something wrong when an angle is about 90 degree

1.52 (2020/04/26)

  • Upgarade to 1.52

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes rarely (update to main unit)

1.50 (2020/03/18)

  • Upgarade to 1.5

  • Support HDRP and URP

  • Fixed some bugs

1.43m (2019/11/20)

  • Fixed a bug that could not read image files containing ..

  • Fixed a bug that Z buffer is disabled with LWRP and PostEffect

  • Fixed a bug that a color is wrong with Distortion, LWRP, DirectX11 and NativeRenderer

1.43l (2019/10/21)

  • Fixed a bug that could not read image files containing spaces

  • Fixed a bug that dialogs could not be opened in rare cases

  • Fixed Emitter GUI behavior

  • Fixed memory leak (Win)


  • Improved performance (Fixed discard timing of distorted texture)


  • Effekseer Emitter now supports Unity layers

  • Improved performance (supports model instancing)

  • Supports distortion by model

  • Fixed a bug that freezes when running Unity game while previewing


  • Fixed a fatal memory leak using reflection probe with a realtime flag

  • Fixed a bug exception is caused on UnityRenderer with playing distortion effects without distortion flag

  • Made a warning shown when loading a texture is failed


  • Support Android 64bit


  • Changed to not display when the EffekseerEmitter component is unchecked


  • Separate distortion settings on PC and mobile

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes crashes in Metal environment

  • Fixed a bug that a model with lighting enabled can not be drawn

  • Fixed a bug that speeding up when the frame rate is over 60

  • Fixed a bug that multiplication is not drawn correctly in UnityRenderer

  • Fixed a memory leak about a model


  • Fixed a bug hotreloading of effects somtimes fails.


  • Fixed a bug about memories (This bug fix is very important)


  • Fixed a bug where much particles causes a crash in iOS


  • Renewal!!


  • Distortion specification is changed.

  • Added functions


  • Distortion specification is changed.

  • Coordinate system specification is changed.


  • [Windows] Fixed to correctly draw with Unity 5.5β

  • [macOS] Supported to OpenGLCore environment

  • Increased default number of instances and quads


  • [Android] Fixed problem that not occasionally displayed effects

  • Supported to culling mask


  • Supported loading from AssetBundle

  • [WebGL] Supported WebGL target build

  • Fixed bug that track type effects are not rendered

  • Added SetTargetLocation to EffekseerEmitter and EffekseerHandle

  • Added paused and shown to EffekseerEmitter

  • Added help contents

  • Added reference manual


  • Supports distortion effects

  • Added StopRoot() to EffekseerEmitter and EffekseerHandle

  • Changed to update processing with LateUpdate

  • Fixed bug when releasing texture

  • [iOS] Changed to output errors when executed in Metal environment


  • [Windows] Fixed to be able to draw correctly with Deferred Rendering

  • [Mac] Fixed to be able to draw correctly with Deferred Rendering

  • [Android] Added beta version

  • [iOS] Added beta version


  • [Windows] Fixed crash of x86 build app


  • Change resource files place to Resources/Effekseer

  • Change resource loading to Resources.Load()

  • Change audio playback to Unity standard Audio

  • Change texture loading to use Unity standard Texture2D


  • Support new specification of Native Plugin of Unity 5.2