It is explanation about cooperation with game engine Unity. As this tool with Unity Technologies is not particularly tied up, Depending on the version and circumstances it may not work well.

Because Effekseer's playback program is written in C ++, it is handled as a native plugin on Unity.


Unity version

Unity 2019 or later

Supported Platform

EffekseerForUnity has two renderers. First renderer is drawn with Compute Shader(UnityRenderer). Second renderer is drawn with native API(NativeRenderer). UnityRenderer runs on everywhere where compute shader is enabled. On the other hand, NativeRenderer runs on limited platforms. But NativeRenderer is drawn with multithread. You can select a renderer from a setting file with creating the setting file. If unsupported renderer is selected, renderer is changed automatically.

Platforms Graphics API UnityRenderer NativeRenderer Notes
Windows DirectX9 OK
DirectX11 OK OK
DirectX12 OK
OpenGLCore Theoretically
macOS OpenGLCore Theoretically OK
OpenGL2 OK
Metal OK
Android OpenGL ES 2.0 OK Vulkan is 2019 or later
OpenGL ES 3.0 OK
Vulkan OK
iOS OpenGL ES 2.0 OK Metal is 2019 or later
Currently, HDR needs to be turned off to use distortion.
OpenGL ES 3.0 OK
Metal OK
WebGL OpenGL ES 2.0 (WebGL 1.0) OK If you play a sound after launch immidiately, something is wrong.
OpenGL ES 3.0 (WebGL 2.0) OK
Console Game Theoretically You compile C++ yourself

Theoretically - We hanven't test yet. But it runs theoretically.

Debugging - We already tested it. But it don't runs because of unknown bugs.

How to import

Open Effekseer.unitypackage and import it into the your Unity project.


Known issues

  • In the Forward renderer of DirectX 11, only the GameView on the Editor, the front and back of the 3D model are reversed. Please change the Culling setting on Effekseer.


  • Rendering with native graphics API (Metal, Vulkan)

  • Controll point lights

  • Collision to particles