1.50 New Features


Material functionality has been added. You can now create and use your own materials with nodes.

Distortion Parameters were removed from Basic Render Settings. Lighting Parameters were removed from model Render Settings. Instead of these, parameters are reorganized.

Standard, distortion, and lighting materials have been added in Basic Render Settings.

You can now specify a sampler for distorting texture independently of color.

Lighting is now supported for non-models.

You can now select an image to use for UV calculation. UV can also be specified without an image.

(Breaking change) Due to a bug, the distortion did not behave as the reference correctly. The specifications is the same as the previous version if the colors of the vertices are swapped between red and green except for sprites. The specifications is the same as the previous version if it makes the color of red twice for sprites.

(Breaking change) Applied read magnification to distortion. The magnification and distortion become stronger. Therefore, the distortion on the screen remains unchanged when the effect occupies the same area.

(Breaking change) Due to non-model lighting, billboard behavior has been partially changed. Models with fixed settings and rings that extend in the depth direction are particularly affected. The specifications is the same as the previous version if you reverse the front and back.

(Breaking change) Changed the specification so that pixels are drawn even if the position is the same in DirectX11. There is basically no effect, but there may be a change if drawing in the same position.

(Breaking change) Fixed a bug that sprites are not ordered even if the drawing order was reversed.

Dynamic Parameter

A function has been added to rewrite effect parameters during playback.

New format

efkproj and efk have been combined into efkefc. It is no longer necessary to output another file. Instead, you must specify the load magnification at runtime when a file is loaded.


The color when the background is changed can be reproduced as much as possible by separating the recorded result into normal and additive.

You can now specify whether to save recording settings in the application or project. Effects can now have recording settings.

Behavior is now reflected in recordings. Recording of loop effects has become easier.

Fixed the problem that extra frames were recorded when recording as a spreadsheet.


The behavior of the node tree has been improved in many points.

The behavior of the F-curve has been improved in many points.

Copy and paste can be performed for each panel.

The part whose value has been changed from the default is now emphasized.

Added support for changing DPI scale.

Fixed a bug that playback started when a space was entered during character string input.

Added options to change font and font size.


Bloom and tone mapping can now be specified in the editor. This is for checking the behavior of the effect because it is applied only to the appearance of the editor. Background and lighting have been moved to the environment because of the frequency of changes.

Sprite, ring, model

(Breaking change) The direction of rotation of Rotated billboard has been reversed.


(Breaking change) The track has been flipped.


It changed viewing angle setting to a ring shape setting. If you specify a crescent type, a ring is drawn as a partially cut circle. You can now specify the start and end angles and the fade angle of the circle.

(Breaking change) The appearance may change depending on viewing angle.

Ribbon, Track

UV repeat pattern can now be specified. UV can be repeated according to the length. You can also specify not to repeat only the edges. Suitable for expressions with repeating patterns such as chains.


The value change can now be specified with the particle extinction time as 100. In addition, the default has been changed to 100%.


Added a parameter to set the scale so that it does not change even if the distance changes. You can also suppress the change.

Added depth offset to ribbon and track.

Z-sort is now applied to ring and model.

(Breaking change) Fixed incorrect calculation of ignore of scaling by offset.


It is renamed into ForceField. Turbulence was implemented.


Update process is 30-50% faster.

Point of view

You can now save and load the current viewpoint.

You can now specify near-far clips.


Added support for reading FBX without bone or FBX without animation and with bone.

Added a playbackspeed in Behavior

(Breaking change) Fixed a bug that random numbers overflowed. The random behavior may change.